Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Colorado High

Last week I did an 8x10 study first and then a 16x20 painting based on that study. This was the first time I tried this process and I'm excited to say it was very successful. I worked out some design and color problems in the study. And then painted the larger painting, having learned from the study. And when the larger painting didn't seem quite strong, I looked at the study and realized what I had done there to strengthen the composition! viola, I added this strength (a separation of background from foreground) to the larger painting.

Another huge win for me is that I could use one decision to create two paintings. Choosing the photo to use for a studio painting is always a huge challenge for me. I just can't seem to commit to a decision. I think it's all about fear - fear of choosing the "wrong" photo. I usually have several dozen perfectly good photos and just need to commit. If I first commit to an 8x10 painting then perhaps the decision will be easier.

I'll post photos of those paintings as soon as I get some daylight to use! In the meantime, enjoy a Colorado scene above. It's from the same hike and resulting photos that I used in the painting. This was a hike we did in a gentle rain in July using the Dream Lake trailhead in Rocky Mountain National Park.
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