Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rocky Mountain National Park

"study for Rocky Mountain Hike" 10x8  oil

As promised,  here is the study I painted from a series of photos taken in July 2010 when Russ, Brian and I were hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park.

"Rocky Mountain Hike" 20x16  oil on linen

And here is the larger painting based on the study.  I used the same palette of paint for both paintings - and the same brush!  Both were painted in one, long painting session each; the study on a Sat and the larger one the day after.  With the latest Zac Brown live cd blasting away!
I can't wait to frame both of these - they will hang side-by-side in my solo show in January; the show has the theme "A Passion for the Western Landscape".  And I think one of these will be on the show postcard.  hmm... which one?

1 comment:

Micah said...

Hi Jana,

These are spectacular. They really do make a nice pair. I think i like the bigger one slightly better - there seems to be just a little more definition and contrast in the tree and riverbanks.

Great stuff! Hope to see you soon.