Wednesday, July 2, 2014

SOLD - Jenny Lake and the Tetons, 12x16 oil on canvas panel, studio work

Jenny Lake and the Tetons, 12.x16 on canvas panel, oil, studio work
Sold this painting and it is on its way to a collector in the upper midwest!  Thanks for buying original art work.
 jana van wyk     
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about this painting:

"Jenny Lake and the Tetons" was painted from a photograph I took in Grand Tetons National Park near Jackson, Wyoming, while on vacation with my family....we crossed the lake to begin our hike up the canyon across the lake.

This is an original Expressive oil painting 12x16 inches - one of a kind. The brush strokes are juicy, thick, and colorful. The painting is on a canvas board that is 1/8 inch thick.
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dori said...

So cool, Jana! And I love your site! I'm so impressed - what don't you do? I love it!