Monday, August 25, 2008

Along Lake Michigan Shore, the paintings

This is the view to the south along Lake Michigan; I was about 3/4th of a mile from the Holland State Park beach and Big Red lighthouse. And this is the painting I did, using a palette knife and limited palette (warm/cool of each primary plus white).
"Big Red" 8x10 oil
The sunsets along Lake Michigan are magical and here's one I managed to paint. First the photo, looking north:
and here's the painting:

"August Sunset on Lake Michigan" 8x10 oil

And I did another quick painting looking south - I love how this one turned out:

"Lake Michigan Shore" 8x10 oil

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Along Lake Michigan Shore

I spent a week along the Lake Michigan shore the second week of August 2008. We were blessed with wonderful weather and exciting variations in wind, waves, and sunsets. One evening I was able to time my arrival at the beach about 25 minutes before sunset, and I hurried down the stairs and set up my easel. Racing against the clock I spent a thrilling 40 minutes or so capturing all I saw, felt and touched with my eyes and barefeet. The final painting ended up capturing the light about 10 minutes before the actual setting of the sun. What a joy it was to have that experience and finish a satisfying painting!
I'll post the photo of the painting itself in a few days. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

On the Eastern Shore in Maryland

This past week I studied with Camille Przewodek near St. Michael's, Maryland. I learned that Camille is a wonderful teacher as well as an accomplished painter. The workshop was held at Maple Hall B&B on 10 acres along the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay. I painted the study above on the fourth day of the workshop.
This was my first week painting with a palette knife and I found it very interesting. I loved being free from the turp and medium. And mixing clean colors is much easier when using the palette knife.
Even though we were under some massive trees during one of Camille's demos, the Maryland hot and humid weather took its toll. This photo is of (l to r) me, Camille, and Nita Harper. Hot weather aside, this area of the country is absolutely gorgeous. I hope to return and paint there again. Around every bend is another scene that makes you want to stop, get out, and paint. Right then, right away.