My Studio


   My studio is a joyous, bright space where I can close the door, put on my favorite music, and lose myself in creating a painting.

  I've taken my light-filled formal living room and turned it into an art studio.  I plan to paint the walls a light, neutral color, install better lighting, and build some built-in bookshelves for my ever-growing art book and DVD collection.

   On the table are some art books, pottery, and Spanish Colonial santos collected on my many trips to the southwest.  The Persian, Heriz pattern rug underneath the table was purchased in the mid-80s while we lived in Heidelberg, Germany.  I lugged it home in my carry-on luggage, and I remember running with that carry-on after a delay getting through customs -- trying to catch my next flight.

  The sofas are comfy spots to sort through my photographs, read my books, and create my initial sketches.