Sunday, August 15, 2010


 "Vermilion Cliffs"  16x20 in     oil

For a long time I've painted landscapes that were over 90% land. Painting the mountains and trees was so much work and demanded so much detail that I pretty much ran out of energy, not to mention room on the canvas, before even getting to the sky. Plus clouds move so quickly that I didn't even try to capture them on canvas.
So, since skies were missing from my body of work, I've been working on them lately. I am enjoying learning about the sky, clouds, and atmosphere. I mention Discipline in this blog post title because I am also working on simplifying my paintings with big shapes. I need more discipline on this. For example, the painting above has several clouds; in the future I want to try to simplify this to one large cloud or at least one cloud that demands more attention than the others.

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