Saturday, July 3, 2010

Late Evening Glow in Zion

16x20 oil "Late Evening Glow in Zion"
Four years ago, I snapped a photo of this location during a late evening stroll in Springdale, Utah, just outside the Zion National Park. The desire to create a painting based on the photograph remained for all these years and last weekend I painted this 16x20.
I worked on it a few hours on one day, and then the second day came back to work on it again. The paint was still wet and sticky and I am happy that I was able to create more depth during the second painting session without overpainting it. Our trip to Zion National Park was a family hiking and biking vacation so I was not able to paint on location. However, after experiencing that canyon in depth and taking photographs, I am eager to paint more scenes from that area of our country. I have other photographs just waiting to be interpreted and referenced.

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