Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On the Mesa

12" x 16", oil, On the Mesa
The painting above was done on location in Ghost Ranch, NM in October 2009. We had a marvelous view from the mesa above the main Ghost Ranch valley. There was almost a 360 degree view and painters spread out and set up looking in every available direction. The painting panel was cracked when it was shipped home so I was glad to be able to use it as a study.
16" x 20", oil, On the Mesa II
This is the larger work I created yesterday based on the study done en plein air in October 09. I love to work on large sized canvases so creating a larger work is very satisfying. As I re-interpreted the original study I was able to again experience the view, mood, emotion, and even the smells associated with that fine October day in northern New Mexico.