Thursday, September 3, 2009

Eanger Irving Couse studio in Taos

While I was in Taos in July I had several serendipitous experiences that were magical. One of them happen during an afternoon when I was wandering around Kit Carson Rd, just soaking up the atmosphere. I walked up to a house to take photos and a man said "You are welcome to join the tour." What? Well it was a private tour of the Eanger Irving Couse studio and house! They can be arranged by appointment. For the next hour Couse's granddaughter and granddaughter's husband (above)entralled us with a tour of the house and studio, mixed with stories of his life.
Everything in the house and studio is intact, just as it was when he lived and worked there. All the items he used in his paintings, all the studies, his photographs and equipment. He even had a dark room and we got to see the very early equipment he used in it. He was great friends with Joseph Sharp but Sharp's studio and artifacts (props he used in the paintings) were all dispersed and sold.
A member of the family has always lived in this house and maintained it. There is now a foundation to preserve this historic resource.

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Janette Jones, Studio California said...

What a lucky day...thanks for sharing the photos of the studio...very inspiring!