Monday, September 15, 2008

My Studio

I'm in the process of re-arranging my studio so I took a few photos to help me in the planning process. Consider this the "before" picture. This area will be devoted to painting -- with my paints and supplies stored in the shelves on the right. An electrician will be wiring this room and adding lots of daylight fluorescent lighting.
There's more area in the unfinished basement that I will use for canvas storage, etc. Next to the hallway above there's a large room that will be used for framing, more storage, and shipment staging.
Next to the unfinished area of the basement is this nice -- currently messy -- room with lots of north daylight and a killer view to our wooded back yard. I'm redoing this room and moving these art supplies to the unfinished area. Then I'll paint the room, add track lighting and bookshelves, and turn this room into a cozy library, office, and gallery.
Here's an exterior door off the patio leading to the finished area of the basement shown above. There's a second door to the right that goes into the unfinished area. Can't you just see the sign "Van Wyk Studio" on the door?

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